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About me

I’m looking for a suitable job related to my position as EAM in charge of Food and Beverage or Director of Food and Beverage as advertised.

Being a seasoned hospitality professional, with an experience that ranges across many global standards and associated with an eminent hospitality name in Oman and then coming to my latest assignment for the pre-opening team of the Golden Tulip Design Tbilisi for the last 1,5 years, allow me to seek your guidance and check whether you know of any relevant opportunity through your various contacts.

With 11 years of enriched experience in the Hospitality Industry, concentrating of the most important Department that assures Guests best and memorable experiences in any Hotel, mixed with my Educational Qualifications should contribute in building up towards the highest level of professionalism and strengths, throughout the communication and interpersonal skills that I also possess.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and I appreciate your kind consideration for my attached CV. It would be great to have a call if your schedule permits.

Thank you again.


Jeffrey Fayad

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