About Michel Mrad

About me

To whom it may concern,


This is Michel MRAD, a Lebanese businessman, with a bachelor in Business administration (finance and banking). My professional journey started in 2012, when I worked in different fields, doing many tasks in the followings: Accounting, Finance, HR, industrial Planning, internal auditing, Procurement, Warehouse management.

I used to be a volunteer in many NGOs related to the family counseling and couple therapy. I worked hard on myself to improve my culture and my knowledge in life and family coaching, religious sciences, music & singing.


I am fluent in Arabic (including the literature), French and English (B2 – Advanced level from Michigan University) and familiar with the world of computer and business software.


I am not the best between all the candidates who applied to different vacancies with you, but I confirm being a valuable member for your company like I was with all my previous employers.

I am thankful because you gave me from your time to read this summary about me. Kindly note that I am open to any vacancy that could help me to develop my experience, knowledge and finance as well.


Best Regards,