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About me

Nanor Der Boghossian, a Beirut-based graphic designer, holds a Master’s degree in visual communication & multimedia design from the School of Fine Arts at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA). She works in various creative fields, including art direction, brand identities, interior design, brand development, branding spaces, visual communication, visual design consultancy, exhibitions, installations, websites, and digital experiences.

In 2009, she was commissioned by Art Lounge Beirut (a contemporary art space for arts and entertainment, currently based in Montreal) to design the book “Beirut Street Art Vol. I” and collaborate with local graffiti artists in sponsorship with the advertising agency Pikasso. In 2012, following the book’s success, she designed the second volume, “Beirut Street Art Vol. II,” in sponsorship with the TreeAd advertising and marketing agency.
Between 2009-2015, she was the lead designer at both Art Lounge Beirut and Artheum (a sister company of Art Lounge Beirut), creating a series of events such as Beirut Art Book Fair, Beirut Bloom, Beirut Fashion Expo, Beirut Photo Fair, Beirut Furniture Expo, Jewelry Design Week, and Dubai Photo Expo.

In 2011, she was assigned by Gallery Laboratoir d’Art (an independent art gallery in Beirut) to create the brand identity for Cabriolet Film Festival 3rd edition, from conception through production, organizing the festival event, the promotional ads, in collaboration with London Taxi.

Her style belongs to the unadjusted, wild ones who skillfully mix different styles, colors, and media to achieve something new and unique. Over the course of her long career, she has collaborated with clients of all sizes from various sectors.

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