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About me

I hold a certified Bachelors Degree and Teaching Diploma in Teaching English as a foreign language. I am currently pursuing my MBA in Management, since I have found myself mostly motivated in pursuing a career at a managerial scale. Throughout my vocational experience, I have acquired various skills that are deemed necessary for a successful candidature towards the prospectus of management. I possess twelve  years of working experience in the educational field, wherein I was transitioning from a support teacher, to a full time educator and then at a later stage a coordinator for an entire department. Such an experience provided to be an addition in enhancing my communication skills, where it is a vital responsibility to have the right methods of rhetoric and mannerisms to deal with various age groups, personalities and ranks. It is also necessary to mention the organizational pedagogy in which I have adapted to ensure that the consistency of my work is clear and coherent. In addition to the previously mentioned points, I have had three years of managerial experience at a firm for Translational Services. Such a position has allowed me to develop my critical thinking skills, especially with analyzing linguistic and legal paperwork. It has also taught me to nurture in myself the qualities of good leadership, through team building workshops, decisive responsible management and most importantly, a sense of ethical integrity towards my work.

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