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About me

NDU senior student majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics, during these years I took several courses but one in particular made me understand how much I appreciate what I do is dietetics counseling and communication. This course helped me improve my ability to successfully handle specific clients in a wellness and dietetics environment by providing me with expertise and information related to health-based behavior improvement, coaching, and communication strategies and skills. It also gave me the chance to hone my listening and counseling skills through diet therapy on an individual basis. In 2019, I completed a two-week clinical nutrition internship, which taught me how to interact with patients and put myself in their shoes. I eventually started an Instagram food account, where I created my own recipes for various foods. And, with a friend, I started a food account on TikTok where we review food and give feedback; our page has received a lot of attention and is slowly growing; people are drawn to our authenticity and awesome experiences. I am looking for an internship that will help me gain technical skills that will complement my educational background.

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