Mayan Cycles Sustainability Solutions


  • Founded Date June 10, 2021
  • Sectors Engineering
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Company Description

Custom-designed sustainability solutions for your organization.



Mayan Cycles Sustainability Solutions is a collaborative effort founded by Maya Ezzeddine.

Maya Ezzeddine has been working to increase sustainability awareness in various corners of the world. With a mastery of English, Arabic, and French, she continues to engage individuals across boundaries in conversations about sustainability.

Maya got her start as an Environmental Scientist, working on climate change- and environmental health-related studies. Her environmental science career took her to the world of Environmental Consulting, where she conducted hundreds of Environmental Site Assessments, investigating residential and commercial real estate properties for the presence of environmental and human health hazards, and providing mitigation or remediation recommendations.

In 2012, Maya branched out on her own, continuing the same work while also taking on a wider diversity of Environmental Consulting and Sustainability Management projects.

Ms. Ezzeddine has been the lead organizer of various large sustainability-messaged events, working to expand sustainability-focused markets and communities, creating awareness and catalyzing change.

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