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Senior Software Engineer (TypeScript) Fulltime

  • Full Time
  • Lebanon, Remote Online View on Map
  • GAINS Associate posted 3 weeks ago
  • Posted : October 6, 2021 -Accepting applications
  • Salary: Negotiable
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Job Detail

  • Career Level Intermediate
  • Experience 2 Years Experience
  • Gender Male or Female
  • Industry Web/app Development
  • Qualifications Degree - Bachelor

Job Description

Senior Software Engineer (TypeScript) Fulltime

Paid in Fresh


Backend Stack: Redis, Postgres/CockroachDB, Sequelize, Heroku, Kubernetes, S3, Node, Nest

Frontend Stack: React, React Query, IndexedDB, Service Workers, HTML, CSS

Candidate Profile:

0. Mindset – In your natural state, you’d rather be technically correct but a bit slower, than fast but needing a few iterations to write bug-free code. But, you’re willing to deal with the pressures of a startup that’s desperate to get a product into the market before the bullrun is over – not by compromising quality, but by prioritising impactful features. You iterate not to fix bugs but to add features.

1. CSS Dev – you make pretty UIs in custom HTML/CSS and can build a widget library on your own, and you know enough React to wire the widgets up with data.

2. Backend Dev – you grok distributed systems, understand service oriented architectures, can think in several layers of abstractions, and you’d rather automate stuff than do things by hand. You think it’s silly to have something like database access and/or sending emails not be properly abstracted away so that the underlying implementation layers can be easily swapped out.

2.1 Backend Dev w/ Blockchain Exp – all of the above, plus you know Solidity, and hopefully also Plutus!

3. Browser Dev – you’re a React pro, you think you can model relational & time-series data on IndexedDB & keep it in sync w/ the backend, you can build complex evented & message passing oriented architectures on the UI, and you don’t shy away from using Web/Service workers when needed.


About the company

Just go here! https://www.gains-associates.com/

We are building three semi-related products in parallel – in social media, education, and investments



whatsapp +96181206426


Required skills

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